Vlog from the mountains

Journey to the mountains with our founder Kenneth Rimdahl as your tour guide in this video where we explored a new place to make Forest Friendly tea!

This place was absolutely incredible and tells a great story of how we can use tea to protect the nature in these mountains. The family who owns the land reached out to us letting us know they have tea growing in the forest. If they can’t do something with it, they’re going to have to cut the forest down and find a different way to make money, probably by planting a mono crop like corn.

But they don’t want this, they want to keep the nature and that’s where we at Monsoon Tea come in. If we can make a great tea from here and find customers willing to pay for it, this area will stay protected. So they wanted us to come and see if we liked it enough to go into business together, and we loved it!

Our plan in the beginning is to create some fantastic white teas, completely handmade in the forest as there is no electricity in this area. We will keep you updated on the progress!