Valentine's Day!

Love can take shape in many different ways. Just yesterday morning we ran into our neighbour here in Chiang Mai who was sitting outside on the street taking in the morning sun. Next to him he had a rooster sitting on a chair. “I love him” our neighbour told us. It was a moment showing that no matter who or what you love, love is a beautiful, mysterious and strong concept. 

A couple of years ago we decided to create not one, but three different Valentine’s Blends made of Forest Friendly tea flavoured with typical romantic flavours to celebrate this special day. Love Blend maybe for your mother, Kiss Blend could be suitable for a lover and Hug Blend for a good friend or someone who deserves a warming hug in the form of a cup of tea. 

This year we have kept the tradition going by making all three teas available in shops together with some special Valentine’s Day gift boxes. We wish you all a day filled with love, and it is an honour if we at Monsoon Tea Company could have a part to play in it.




The Team at Monsoon Tea Company