The Next Step for Monsoon Tea Company - Monteaco

For almost ten years we at Monsoon Tea Company have been working to protect forests here in Northern Thailand by producing tea grown in harmony with nature and biodiversity. 

This whole company is built on the idea that we can create a product that generates income for both local tea producers and for us as a company, but doing so without harming nature in the process. 

By now we’ve shown that this idea holds up not only in theory, but also in practice, as we’ve managed to open five tea shops here in Thailand and have fans of our Forest Friendly Tea in every continent. 

These ten years have been quite the journey, and there has definitely been some ups and downs, especially with a covid crisis striking down not only on us, but the whole of Thailand and the world. In some way it is almost surprising that we managed to make it through, but finally it’s starting to feel like we’ve come out safe on the other side. 

And this brings us to the next step of this journey we are sharing with all of you. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes for the last couple of months to develop our business further, as our whole idea is based on protecting more nature through expanding and selling more tea. And the natural next step for us is to first establish ourselves further in Europe, and then The United States. 

We have started a company in our founder’s home country Sweden that in the near future will have a large tea storage and cater to all European customers from there. For our existing European customers this will mean lower shipping costs, shorter delivery times, and an easier way for us to work together with our customers. 

This new company is called Monteaco which is an abbreviation of Monsoon Tea Company. 

After a longer transition period, the business here in Thailand will also change its name but we are still the same people working to provide you the same Forest Friendly Tea, only through a smoother customer experience that will help us gain more supporters for our cause and protect more nature in Northern Thailand.

We welcome you all to join us on the next step of Monsoon Tea Company. 

Thank you!