New Blend: Jungle Black & Coffee Blossom!

Coffee Flowers in the hand of a man in Northern Thailand


Monsoon Tea Company founder Kenneth met Dustin Joseph of Left Hand Roasters in Bangkok and bonded over soul, hip hop music, wine and food. This friendship has turned into our first collaboration blend together between our brands, and it’s now live on the website and in our shops!

“Jungle Black and Coffee Blossom” is made from our most exclusive wild tea, "Jungle Black", blended with flowers from the coffee plant, an often overlooked and unused product in the coffee world that can provide additional value to the coffee farming communities in Northern Thailand.

The two ingredients of this blend combine extremely well and the tea is super smooth with floral tones from the blossom and an added complexity from the Jungle tea.

We really think you will love this one! 🎉

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