The history of deforestation in northern Thailand is not necessarily connected to tea. Many mountains, hills and areas were removed of their green forests before tea was an option, when opium was the main product growing here and other monocrops such as corn, rubber and pineapple needed area to grow and create an income for the farmers. We do not simply see the Forest Friendly concept as a way to protect already existing forests but also as a way to put forest back.

We encourage tea farmers to initiate reforestation efforts. By using the power and money given to us by you, the customers, we can negotiate and provide a monetary incentive for tea producers to start investing in reforestation operations. As we're a growing company, the efforts are still in a initial phase, but so far we have together with one of our friends and suppliers put back two thousand trees of 50 different species in the mountains of Northern Thailand. 

So even if the forest is not there yet in some of our tea sights, it will be in 50 years when the work we're putting in now will start to show. Through our sustainable business model we have a way of creating a better world for future generations of tea lovers and tea farmers.