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Monsoon Tea in the Media and Press

Many domestic and internationally recognized news mediums, bloggers, and influencers have advocated and supported our tea philosophy. As well as luxury and high-end brands, including Michelin-starred restaurants, 5-star hotels, and specialty cafes support us as wholesale customers. Our unique blends keep the natural flavour from the forest grown tea, while adding a small amount of fruit flavouring and dried herbs.

Press and social media appearances:

  • The Tale of Tea” book mention:
    • Monsoon Tea and Kenneth Rimdahl is mentioned in this book about our way of using the original tea grown in the mountains of Northern Thailand and surrounding geographical zone.
    • Written by a world-renowned historian, Professor George L. van Driem, this book is considered one of the greatest archives about the hidden origins and detailed history of today's globalised tea beverage in its many modern guises.
  • Bangkok Post
    • multiple articles written about Monsoon Tea as a representative of high quality and forest friendly tea from Thailand
  • TEDx Chiang Mai 2017 speech in Chiang Mai, Thailand
    • Kenneth Rimdahl, as a representative and founder of Monsoon Tea gave a TEDx speech on behalf of Monsoon Tea’s work of protecting the forest and supporting local communities with our way of growing tea
  • United Nations 2017 Sustainable Development Goals conference:
    • Kenneth Rimdahl spoke at this conference on behalf of Monsoon Tea’s work of protecting the forest and supporting local communities with our way of growing tea
  • Deutsche Welle (DW) German Media Article:
  • The Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize Nomination to Kenneth Rimdahl
    • This nomination for our founder, Kenneth, aims to identify, showcase, and reward important initiatives designed to re-invent our food chain and help establish a sustainable food system within the planet’s boundaries.
  • Chinese Market:
    • Monsoon Tea is considered a “must-buy” items when Chinese nationals visit Chiang Mai and currently offered on some of their largest e-commerce platforms like Taobao
  • Japanese Market:
    • Monsoon tea has appeared in many articles in the Japanese community both within Japan and the expat community in Thailand
  • Theeroutes Book Mention (Netherlands)
    • By international tea critics and researchers, Deirdre Deprettere and Karlijn Dapper (December 2020)
  • Article in News Outlet, “Kvãllsstunden” (Sweden)
    • Article about Kenneth Rimdahl and Monsoon Tea’s sustainable forest friendly tea concept (September 2020)

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