What is Forest Friendly Tea?



Forest Friendly Tea is exactly what it sounds like. Tea grown and harvested with a sustainable method while protecting the forest. While mass production of tea worldwide results in deforestation, and more often than not relies on irrigation systems, fertilizers, and pesticides our sustainable methods for producing tea does not include any of this. Instead, we only source tea either from completely wild tea plants, or planted tea, growing in harmony with forests.

Therefore, by working with Forest Friendly Tea, we can grow tea while protecting forests, starting with the ones here in Northern Thailand. There is a future where tea doesn't have to be a driving factor of deforestation, and that's a future we want to create together with all of the tea lovers in the world. We hope to strengthen and spread the Forest Friendly Tea movement so that tea farmers all over the world can join us in the mission to protect forests, preserve biodiversity, tackle climate change and provide sustainable income for local communities.

Forest Friendly Tea is for all of us right now and for the future generations to come.