What to do with your tin cans?

We're proud to say that we are experts on sustainable tea and while we try to be as sustainable as possible all throughout the business, we are of course aware of the fact that there are some single use items in our production chain. To minimize single use and promote recycling, we recommend our beautiful tin cans when you buy tea. Not only can you fill them up with more tea in one of our shops, but you can also get plenty of other uses out of them! Here are a few:


1. Plant something!

Our small, medium, or large tin cans are perfect for you to fill up with some good soil and then plant a seed. Have fun planting!

 2. Use it as a pencil box!

We could probably not count how many times we've used old tin cans laying around the office as pencil boxes, perfectly sized and you can arrange different pens with different colours of your tin, get creative!

3. Well, of course, store some tea!

While the only thing stopping you from finding a new use for your tin cans is your imagination, they really are great for actually storing tea! Create your own collection in your kitchen and send us a photo and we just might send you some complimentary tea, we would love to see how you use our tins!