Tea from Thailand

Is there a difference between tea from Thailand and thai tea?

A lot of people often mistakenly dismiss tea from Thailand, thinking about the famous orange sugary drink served all over the country called thai tea. Add to this that Thailand has never had much of a tea drinking culture, and traditionally often used tea leaves to ferment for eating, tea from Thailand has not received the same recognition in the world as tea from neighbouring countries have. We want to change that.

We have to admit that we do love ourselves some thai tea at times, but the difference between that and some of the great teas made here in The North couldn’t be bigger. While thai tea comes from a process of crushing branches and larger leaves to make a powder mixed with additives, the process to make a great “normal” tea requires far more skill, and we see that skill all the time here with our producers!

Regardless if it’s tea, coffee, or cacao, the interest for fantastic Thai products and craftsmanship is growing thanks to a number of talented producers and people showcasing these special products to the world and bringing attention to the amazing work being done in Thailand.

So thank you everyone who is supporting our Forest Friendly tea from Thailand and let’s keep working together to continue putting great, sustainable Thai products on the map!