Mountain trip for a new product launch

A few weeks ago we at Monsoon Tea Company headed up in the tea and coffee mountains with our good friend Dustin Joseph from Bangkok-based coffee company Left Hand Roasters for a three-day film trip before the launch of a new (super secret) collaboration product! 

Driving around between different tea & coffee producing villagesin Northern Thailand is a beautiful thing we hope everyone gets to experience one day. In the mean time, we hope to be able to bring you as close as possible to the different areas where we produce Forest Friendly tea and protect biodiversity. We met some great new people on this trip, and were especially inspired by one man going against his friends and family to produce coffee in harmony with nature in one of the most cut-down areas of Northern Thailand.

This new collaboration product is set to launch in the end of February and will be available through the sales channels of both Monsoon Tea and Left Hand Roasters. 

Here is a sneak peek from the film we are currently working hard on to finish so you can watch it while sipping our fantastic new tea.